My name is Doug.

I am a code gnome.*

I build websites, apps, and plugins that bring ideas to life.

Reliable websites and apps that provide a pleasing and intuitive user experience do not magically spring full grown from the earth. They are carefully conceived and crafted.

Over the last 25 years I have worked in and with small businesses and educational institutions around the world to transform ideas into digital realities - building websites, re-theming and extending Learning Management Systems, creating smart document generation software for attorneys, designing and implementing student information input and tracking apps for secondary education. I have also been teaching university rigor level Introduction to Programming with Java courses since 2008.

I have learned that successful website and app development requires understanding and staying in touch with a client's vision and concerns. It also requires choosing development platforms, languages, frameworks, and best practice development strategies appropriate to the scale and complexity of project goals.

I have strong interpersonal skills, and I bring solid understandings of well tested programming tools and practices to the table. My code is DRY and appropriately abstracted and commented to make it easy to modify if client needs change. I am also a lifelong learner who embraces new developments in programming tools and best practices. You CAN teach an old Doug new tricks.

I would love to work with you or your team to create something wonderful.